ares_mkquery - Compose a single-question DNS query buffer


#include <ares.h>
int ares_mkquery(const char *name, int dnsclass, int type,
unsigned short id, int rd, unsigned char **buf,
int *buflen)


Deprecated function. See ares_create_query instead!

The ares_mkquery function composes a DNS query with a single question. The parameter name gives the query name as a NUL-terminated C string of period-separated labels optionally ending with a period; periods and backslashes within a label must be escaped with a backlash. The parameters dnsclass and type give the class and type of the query using the values defined in <arpa/nameser.h> .The parameter id gives a 16-bit identifier for the query. The parameter rd should be nonzero if recursion is desired, zero if not. The query will be placed in an allocated buffer, a pointer to which will be stored in the variable pointed to by buf , and the length of which will be stored in the variable pointed to by buflen . It is the caller's responsibility to free this buffer using ares_free_string when it is no longer needed.

Usage of ares_mkquery is deprecated, whereas the function is equivalent to ares_create_query with max_udp_size set to 0.


ares_mkquery can return any of the following values:

ARES_SUCCESS Construction of the DNS query succeeded.

ARES_ENOTFOUND The query name name refers to a .onion domain name. See RFC 7686.

ARES_EBADNAME The query name name could not be encoded as a domain name, either because it contained a zero-length label or because it contained a label of more than 63 characters.

ARES_ENOMEM Memory was exhausted.


ares_expand_name, ares_free_string


Greg Hudson, MIT Information Systems
Copyright 1998, 2000 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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